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Check out our new Selfi pod/booth from NGB discos

Selfie Pods

Add one of our excellent selfie booths to your event and capture those special memories. Our selfie pod is great for weddings, birthday parties and all other types of celebrations.

Our booth has a great black glitter finish which will sparkle when the lights hit it but will blend into the background as well if you want it to.

The benefits of our selfie pod are

  • The selfie pod is great for those venues where you don't have enough room for an enclosed photo booth

  • Our selfie pod uses a digital SLR instead of tablets like a lot of other selfie pods out there, and so you will get a great quality photo.

  • It does not require a backdrop, although these can be hired additionally

Find out more here

selfie pod/booth

selfie pod ngb discos

selfie pod

selfie pod

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