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  • How long does it take to set a disco up?
    It usually takes approximately an 45 minutes to an hour to set up one of our discos, this does not include the time taken to get all the equipment into the venue. Please note this time can change depending on which additional items you have added to your setup, such as our light up love letters..etc
  • How much deposit is required to book one of your discos?
    We ask for a £100 deposit to confirm all bookings, please note that this deposit is non-refundable. We then ask for the remaining balance to be paid no later than 30 day before the event.
  • How big are the love letters?
    Our love letters are 4ft high and are approximately 8ft wide.
  • Do you accept playlists?
    We always recommend that our customers provide us a selection of songs they would like at their event, this list can be a as long or as short as you would like, it is just to give us an idea as to what it is you like.
  • Can we meet you before hand ?
    Yes we are always avaliable to meet face to face . Simply contact us to arrange a meeting.
  • Do you have any playlists we can see or listen to
    Yes, if you let us know we can arrange to send you some of our previous playlist and online mixes.
  • What if you get sick?
    In the highly unlikely event that one of us gets sick, we opperate a team of DJ's and so we always have someone who can civer oyr events in the event of an emergency
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