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Add one of our new awesome Selfie pod photobooths to your event

As well as providing fantastic discos, we also supply awesome photobooths for all occasions from weddings to birthday parties, so why not add our sleek and stylish vintage booth to your event and capture those special memories?

The benefits of our selfie pod are


  • The selfie pod is great for those venues where you don't have enough room for an enclosed photo booth or if you simply want something that is a little bit different to a standard booth.

  • Lots of different photo layouts to choose from

  • Our booth utilises a Digital SLR camera which means you get better quality photos than those that simply use a tablet

  • Our selfie pods are quick and easy to set up meaning they can be set up at any time with little to no disruption to your event

  • It does not require a backdrop, although these can be supplied if you would like

Find out more here

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