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What to think about when it comes to your evening reception and your wedding DJ?

I have put together a few or the random observations, thoughts and ideas that I have amassed participating and watching lots and lots of wedding receptions which will hopefully give you a few idea and insights into how the evening reception works and things to consider.

We want people to dance.

If you want a busy dance floor, then you have to get on the dance floor! people will want to be wherever you are. If you are at one of the many beautiful wedding venues we are surrounded by that has lovely grounds, and you spend all evening outside, then that's where everyone else will be, as they want to be around you both and want to be part of the special day where as if your on the dancefloor I guarantee you will not be alone

Trust your DJ

There is a science/rhythm to a night (think there may be a song title in there) and so the evening will often start a bit lighter especially before the first dance as a lot of the evening guests will be arriving and some people don't like to hit the floor until the first dance has happened, so don't worry if the DJ is not going into full party mode straight out of the gate, you need to build the momentum and perhaps let the alcohol kick in a bit more before we go into full party song mode, and we also have to deal with the dreaded buffet which will also often stall our momentum, and so even though we may have dipped our toes into some of the wedding favourites earlier in the evening, you will often find we don't go full wedding classics until after the buffet and there are no more distractions. Of course this is not always the case sometimes people can not wait to dance and I have people hit the floor whilst I am doing the sound check, so it will always be a case of reading the room.

Talk to you DJ

If there is anything you want or need on the night ask us! If you want the music a bit louder/quieter ask, we will always do our sound checks etc but we are all probably a bit deaf and so if you think its too loud then let us know, or if you want it louder and we can then we will.

The same goes for songs, if you want a specific song simply ask, your not bothering us, and if there is a song you would like and don't think we are going to play, let us know.

Playlists for your DJ

Decide on what your goal/vision for your evening is: If you want a packed dancefloor then try to have a wide selection of songs or again trust your DJ as its a pretty safe bet that your DJ has probably been to quite a few more weddings then you. If you only want the songs that you specifically like then that is fine, but you need to consider that maybe people wont dance to it as they don't know the songs (people will rarely dance to a song they dont know), or just dont like them and so you could have a empty dancefloor all night. I not only accept playlists but I always recommend our customers provide us with a bit of a list, this is mainly to get an idea of what you are into, as there is nothing worse if you just say to me "play whats popular", as your idea of popular and mine could be worlds apart. Things to think about when comprising a playlist....

1: It does not have to be a huge list, im usually there for a max 5 hours and so I don't need beyond that (the current record for a list I have been sent is about 17hrs lol ) If you use spotify, feel free to build out your list in there and send to me but bare in mind a list that is too big is almost as unhelpful as no list, my 17 hr playlist had so many songs and so many genres it was hard to work out what they liked, other then everything!

2: Can you dance to it? This seems like a strange question but is often something to think about, i often get sent lists of songs that are great but just not on a dance floor, they don't have the kind of rhythm or style to is conducive to easy dancing , so when picking your songs just think how would I dance to this song, if you cant think of it, don't add it. Also if you dont want a slow section during the night, then dont add lots of slow songs, if you do want a slow section, tell your DJ!

3: Songs you don't like: If you cant think of many songs you like, even a small list with songs or artists you don't like can be equally helpful

4: Think about what song you would like to end the night on

This is one that is often overlooked, what I usually recommend is going with a slow one as the "official" last song of the night and then having a higher energy fast "unofficial/drunken demand for one more song" song lol. The idea is we trick those who have been avoiding the dancefloor all night with an easy song that requires no real dancing ability and you can form a circle to etc and have a nice moment, and then end on a nice energetic song to end the night on a real high.

Embrace the cheese

We will often get couples who often say they don't want "anything cheesy" which is fine as its their wedding however the reality is much like the real thing, PEOPLE LOVE CHEESE!, now im not saying have an entire night of it, but allow for the fact that a lot of your guests will like the odd cheesy song, and we are there to get as many people on that floor as possible.

I have had the privilege to participate in a lot of weddings over the years, and in my experience the wedding dance floor is like a musical amnesty lol, where people can dance unashamed to songs that they would never have in their Spotify playlists, but due to the fact that its a wedding and usually because they have been drinking they dance unashamedly to it all lol so embrace the cheese!

Should we allow requests:

Yes! The main reason for this being, it will make your lives easier on the night. As what will and does happen when requests are not allowed is that "Aunty Mary" will come and ask for a song, the DJ will say that requests aren't allowed, "Aunty Mary" will then proceed to hunt down the bride and or groom and inform them that the mean DJ wont play her song at which point you will end up relenting as you want a quiet life and ask the DJ to play the song, so in the interest of time and family relations, simply allow requests and trust the DJ to use their discretion as to what ones they play, as sometimes the request might be in poor taste, a floor killer or just a bit rubbish despite the requesters unwavering belief that "this will get everyone on the dancefloor" lol, and so the DJ can then simply say they dont have it, which may or may not be true.

I hope you have found some of these insights helpful and has given you something to think about, if you would like to discuss any of these or anything else with regard to your reception with us, I am always happy to arrange a call or face to face.

Thanks for reading and bye for now



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